• Good day, sir.

    Ever more regularly I think of the idea of a central base for the diaspora and the mothercontinent for our scatered history and people.

    Not only do we need it for future registration of our whereabouts, but also for self identification and reparation of the self image. Western history writings tend to cover up for obvious reasons and so we, Africans in the diaspora and perhaps most of us on the mother continent too have no clue of chronology in our history. Not to speak of cut off bloodlines and silenced historical heritage. A lot of scholars are on the matter but still very scattered in isolated pockets all over the globe.

    Is it possible that your initiative could be extended to a full fledge Wiki like encyclopedia? History, geography, language, culture; all at a central place as predecessor of a database to serve a future re-united world wide self-aware autonomous African civilisation?

    Does this page work the same as Wiki? I.e. can the African(!) world participate and moderate each other for the sake of completeness, trustworthyness and sanity and most important of all; African centered content?

    Looking forward to your response.

    Yours truely,

    José Justino Bronze

    Born African (Cape Verde), ties to Senegal and living in the Netherlands for the time being.

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    • I have high hopes for this wiki and I too hope that this can be a useful tool for bridging the gap between Africans and Africans of the diaspora. I am an African American and too many times I have seen the ill effects of the gap between Africans and African Americans.   There also seems to be a gap between African Americans and people of African descent living in other countries. Many Africans do not understand the history of African Americans and many African Americans do not have nearly enough knowledge about the rich history and culture of African nations.  I'm looking forward to hearing from the creator of African Traditions Encyclopedia as well as its contributors on what their ideas are for addressing this subject.  

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